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My Travel Experience In San Francisco, California

My Travel Experience In San Francisco, California

Have you ever been to the sunny state of California?

Recently, I traveled to San Francisco, California to visit family. It was one of the best traveling experience I've had so far. It was exciting to be able to experience a new way of life. It was one of the prettiest cities I've ever seen. From the Golden State Bridge to the Pier 9 and lastly to the upbeat night life. It was by far the best trip I've ever spent money on. While I did pay for my ticket, Attaliah treated me to all the activities and restaurants we went to. And for that, I thank her and thank God for blessing me with this experience. I wanted to do a recap of all the festivities that happened while I was in California. I will be providing the details of the Restaurants we went to and the places we visited to. I will also provide a link to the videos I filmed while there at the end of the post.


  • Zocalo - This was the first restaurant I went to on my first day there. I had three shrimp tacos and they were delicious. The location of the restaurant is in Sacramento, California.  
  • Players - This was one of the restaurants we went to on my second day. I ordered a bowl of Clam Chowder. It was too good. This was my first time eating Clam Chowder and I will definitely eat it again after that experience.
  • Joe & Juice - I stopped here before I boarded the bus to the train. I think the food wasn't the best that I had while on the trip. I ordered a sandwich and a carrot juice blend. The carrot juice did help with the cold I was having on my trip but It wasn't the best juice I've ever had.
  • Mel's Diner - This place was the cutest. It felt like i stepped back into the fifties when I walked in the place. I ordered three buttermilk pancakes and they were delicious. 
  • Press Club - This place was basically a winery underground. It gave you a grown and sexy feel when walking in. We ordered a plate of cheese and it was very delicious. We also had a couple glasses of wine. 
  • The View - This place had a beautiful view of the city. The scenery had a sophisticated feel. I fell in love with it based on the music. They were playing early 2000's R&B. I ordered cheese bread and had a glass of wine. The cheese bread was delicious. I strongly recommend this place if you want to see a crazy view of the city while eating good food.
  • The Place - This place had some great Italian food. I ordered shrimp Alfredo and it literally took my breath away. 


  • Pier 9 - We went here to get on a boat ride. The boat ride took us around Alcatraz and to see Golden State Bridge. It was so beautiful, but very windy. The boat provided drinks and condiments to the guests. 
  • Day Party - We went to a day party on top of the HYATT hotel. The music was popping and the scenery was cute. The balcony gave us a view of the city and the drinks were good. We found this event through eventbrite.

All these places we went to all offered  great service and made my traveling experience great. I'm glad that I traveled to the great city of San Francisco. I will come back for sure. If you haven't been to San Francisco. I don't know why you haven't booked a trip yet. I would definitely recommend you to travel there. 

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