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My Travel Experience in Austin, Texas

My Travel Experience in Austin, Texas

Have you ever been to the city of Austin?

Recently, I got the opportunity to travel to Austin with my boyfriend Malik. We went there to celebrate our two year dating anniversary. It was one of the best trips I've ever been on. We did several activities and went to a good amount of nice restaurants. I truly am blessed that I was able to afford to go there. It was a monumental moment for me because it wasn't just our anniversary but it was also the first trip that I've ever paid for entirely. I wanted to tell you the amazing things we did in Austin and the Restaurants we visited. I was also able to film all our festivities and the links will be provided at the end of this post. 

Here are the Activities that we did:

Canoe- Yes, we went on a canoe. It was the most interesting part our Austin Trip. Malik was able to set this up through Capital Cruises. We were able to enjoy scenic views of Downtown Austin and we were able to catch a glimpse of University of Texas rowing team. 

Movies - For Malik's surprise, I took him to watch Happy Death Day. This was a fun time because we got to explore the mall. We went to Barton Creek Square. 

Sixth Street- We were able to enjoy the Downtown Austin nightlife. Sixth street was filled with  bars. They had bars playing live music and ones with the DJs. The music genres ranged from country and punk to Hip Hop. It was great. They basically had something for everybody.

Here are the Restaurants We ate at:

The Oasis-  This restaurant was my favorite. It had a view of the lake and the restaurant had inside and outside seating. The restaurant also played live music. The Music selection wasn't bad either. I truly want to come back again. ( but this time during the day)

Pacos Tacos- They had delicious food. I ordered a Gringo Taco and I was satisfied with it. It truly kept me full for hours after eating the meal. It was cute little spot with outside seating as well.

The Original Pancake House- I can truly say I didn't enjoy the food from here but maybe it was because I ordered out. Usually The Original Pancake House is delicious. I would probably give it another time but next time I'll sit in.

While we didn't eat at many restaurants and do a lot of activities as we expected. We had fun. We made sure to make time to rest each day. I will definitely go back to Austin because there's a lot more places I want to explore. Austin is a great place to travel to and If you've never been. You should definitely put it on your traveling to do list. I'm so happy and blessed that I was able to travel to Austin and enjoy all the city has to offer with Malik. 

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