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What I've Learned From My Mom

What I've Learned From My Mom

Do you have someone you look up to?

For me, it's always been my mom. My mom is the most hard-working woman I know. She has always supported my dreams and encouraged me to follow my dreams. And trust me! It's not easy being my mom. I've always been the type of child that could never sit still. I was always jumping to the next thing whenever I got bored. My mom was always able to keep it real with me and tell me what I needed to hear to get me back to reality. Ever since, I've started this blog, she has been a huge supporter of mine. She even told me to start writing a book ( which I might actually do..). I've always loved and appreciated my mom for all that she has done for me. I knew that this was the perfect week to write about how much I love this woman because this Thursday will make it a year of me blogging on this site. That's a huge accomplishment for me. Especially knowing, that I don't stay with things too long. I went over to my mom's this past weekend to ask her questions about motherhood and I will be including her answers in this post. I really think that being a mom is best job you can ever have. I wanted to title this post #momboss because my mom is truly a boss and she truly can do anything. 

Here is the Q & A with my mom

What is your name, occupation and where are you from?

My name is Nyarai Battle. I'm from Harare, Zimbabwe and I'm a Registered Nurse Case Manager.

How was your transition from Africa to the United States?

It was hard. I had to make sure that the education I received in Zimbabwe would be equivalent to the education standards in America. I was grateful that I had my two sisters and brother already here. I was able to lean on them for help. I also struggled with the food in America. The process of getting used to the different tastes and the different names they used for their food. For example, we referred to fries as chips and soda as drinks.

How were you able to get through school, taking care of a child and work?

I had a lot of help from my family members. I was able to get my sister and her husband to pick up Tasha whenever I worked late in Nebraska. I also made sure to pick up a lot of shifts. Some of places I worked, such as Good Samaritan Hospital in Baltimore, helped pay for my tuition. I remember when I was going to school in Washington, D.C. I had Tasha live with my sister in Texas, while I finished up my schooling. 

Who were your inspirations during those times?

My inspirations were my sisters Tina and Dorothy. They were always available to assist me when I needed help. They were also very hardworking women and instilled in me a strong work ethic. I truly appreciate all that they did and continue to do for me. I truly have the best sisters.

What do you hope you're kids learn from seeing you work from the bottom to the top?

I hope they learn the value of hard work. It's vital to have a strong work ethic and to know how important it is to have a good education. Education opens up the doors to many opportunities and enriches your mind. It's a must have.

What are the three things you learned from being a mom?

I learned about Patience, Love and about being open about my own mistakes. I feel like if you're open to your kids about your past mistakes. They won't have to make the same mistakes you did.

Do you have any advice for other moms?

It's  important that you learn to be a parent and not a friend. It's important that you're kids know that you are to be respected and what you say goes. Even if they don't agree, they will know sooner or later, that what you did was to better them.

End of Q & A

It has been amazing being on the sideline watching my mom accomplish all the things that she has. She was able to do school, work and take care of her family along the way. If that's not a #momboss, I don't know what is. I truly am thankful to have a mom like her. I don't know how I will ever be able to repay her. I just wanted to show her how much I appreciate her by doing what I love. Writing. I hope you love this post MOM!. And to everyone else, let your mom know how much you appreciate them whenever you get the chance because its not easy raising a kid.

P.S I also want to dedicate this post to my Aunts. My Aunt Tina, Aunt Dorothy and Aunt Netsai have always been like another mom to me. They have been there for me and supported me. They have always told me the truth about myself when I needed it. I'm glad that I was blessed with an array of moms. 






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