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7 Lessons I Learned in 2017

7 Lessons I Learned in 2017

How has your 2017 been?

For me, It's been filled with highs and lows. I was able to travel a lot this year, find a job near my college campus and model in a fashion show. Although I was able to accomplish some of my new year goals. I also had some major setbacks. I failed three classes, went through depression, and started isolating myself from friends and family. It was a hard year for me. I gave up on myself. I spent less time on trying to improve myself. I gained a lot of weight and let myself go. While this year did have it's low moments. I learned lessons along the way that I will carry with me into next year. I wanted to discuss these with you because I want you to know that every year comes with its fair share of lessons. It's all about preserving and learning from your mistakes. 

Here they are 

  1. Know what you're working towards (purpose) - If you're struggling with schoolwork, or funding your dreams. It's always good to know what you're working towards because that will keep you motivated when you want to quit. There were so many moments throughout the year that I gave up. I didn't understand what I wanted for my life and this led me to make the wrong decisions which resulted in poor outcomes.

  2. Choose what's best for YOU- You have to remember that at the end of the day the decisions you make today will affect your life and your life only. If you spend your whole life trying to please someone else you will never be happy.

  3. If you have a goal, reach it - While I wasn't able to reach most of my goals this year. The ones I was able to reach were because I set my mind on it and made sure that I did everything in my power to reach them. I wrote them down, set a plan in action, and executed it.

  4. Take the Good with the Bad - If there is something in your life that you can't change. Make sure that you put all your focus on the things you can change. You will waste valuable time focusing on the things that are out of your control

  5. Enjoy your alone time - I particularly love being by myself. Mostly because it gives me the time to think. I don't like being around people 24/7. That's why my favorite place is my apartment. I can get away from people. I can take the necessary time to re-evaulate and start setting my plan of actions.

  6. Cherish the people who check in on you - When I was depressed, I had a couple of friends who would make an effort to hang out with me or talk to me. It meant the world to me. I've always been a private person when it comes to my emotions. It was good for me to talk with someone and to have people who didn't judge me for it.

  7. Take Risks - This year I was able to model in a fashion show because I took a risk. I saw an instagram ad for it and went for it. While it wasn't a big fashion show or anything. It was a fun experience. I got to meet a lot of cool creative people. If you're scared to do something, you should definitely do it. You won't regret


This year taught me a lot of lessons but these were the main ones. They are things that I wish I could've done different but each and every failure I've had this year will be the sole motivation I need to succeed in the next year.

* I want to give a special s/o to my boyfriend Malik. He was there through all my ups and downs. He was always there to encourage me and to snap me out of it. He made sure to take me out and make me feel special when I needed it. He is my number one supporter. He was the only one who came to my fashion show and supported me throughout the process when I doubted myself. He was wonderful this year and treated me on our anniversary. I'm truly blessed. I just wanted him to know how much I appreciate him.

I hope and pray that 2018 will be the year for you.

What lessons have you learned in 2017?

comment them below

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