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My Travel Experience In Punta Cana, DR

My Travel Experience In Punta Cana, DR

Are you interested in traveling? 

Do you  know what type of places you would like to travel to?

If you're like me and enjoy traveling. I know that this new series on my blog will be of interest to you. I decided that since I do like to travel and have been to a lot of nice destinations that I should talk about them with you. I recently got back from the Domincian Republic, particulary Punta Cana. It was so much fun and relaxing. I've never been to a place that was mainly tropical and beachy. It was a far different experience. This trip was one for the books, mostly because my cousin's wedding happened there and it was the first trip I ever been on with my boyfriend. It was also his first time on a plane and first time out of the country. 

I wanted to cover all the fun things we did and the resort that we stayed at. We stayed at the Dreams Punta Cana Resort & Spa. It was lovely and I'll have it linked below. The only con about living in this particular resort was the lack of consistent wifi. The pros included the abundance of things to do, the numerous restaurants you can eat at, and the spa. It was very fun trying out new foods from different cultures. If you do decide to travel to Punta Cana and stay at the Dreams, I really do recommend trying out the World Cafe's burritos and the restaurants Hitmusi and Oceana. 

I've listed all the activities that we did there 

  • We traveled to an Island called Soana, This boat trip consisted of snorkeling, eating food at the Island and traveling to a natural water pool. If you love seeing blue clear waters and fish all around you this is the boat you need to get on. It was extremely beautiful and relaxing. 
  • We went on a bike ride. My cousin, boyfriend and I were able to go on a bike ride to the inner city. The inner city wasn't as interesting as I thought it was going to be. It was basically a tourist stand where there was only items and souvenirs to purchase. The bike ride on the other hand was fun.
  • We were able to swim with dolphins. It was so much fun touching and interacting with the dolphins, by far the best moments we had there. 

The other days consisted of wedding duties, the actual wedding and then after the wedding we just explored our resort if we didn't have an activity planned. This was by far the best trip I've ever been on. I can't wait till the next trip I go on. 

Guess where I'll be going to next?

P.S for all those 18 and up, they did have a club called desires there. If you would like to have fun and dance your heart out to some good music. Definitely go there!

Link to Dreams Resort & Spa 


Comment below places you would like to travel to


Family picture before the boat trip

Family picture before the boat trip

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