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2019: The Year of Transparency & Follow- Through

2019: The Year of Transparency & Follow- Through

How has your year been going so far?

Have you started working out?

Spent time on your passions?

I know for me, I’ve spent majority of 2019, so far, trying to create a routine that will stick. I’ve also tried to eat healthy, which i’m currently struggling with. I’ve also tried to implement a new budget for myself to make sure that I’m saving more than I’m spending. I’m not going to lie, it’s been hard from not having the energy to exercise, to being lazy to cook, and to spending way too much money but one thing I have remained mostly consistent with is prayer, reading the bible, and putting GOD first day in and day out.

I used to always spend my days scrolling through social media, eating fast food, and binge-watching my favorite shows. Although, all these activities bring me pleasure and joy. They don’t give me anything to look forward to in the morning. I have felt way better lately by adding walking into my routine, bible time, and just spending time working on my passions.

While I’m not currently working a traditional job and patiently waiting for the day that I start a job in my chosen career path. I am blessed enough to have an app like DoorDash, that will allow me to make my own schedule and bring in some extra money. So, when I’m not dashing, I’m passionately working on what I love and trying to be a more well-rounded individual.

When I entered 2019 I dubbed it the year of the follow-through and the year of transparency because I don’t want you to think I’m perfect. I want you to get to know the real me, the failures, the flaws, and the highs and lows of my life. I want you to also see where I’ve been and where' I’m currently headed. It’s easy for people to sell perfection but it’s hard for people to be honest and transparent. I want to work on that this year by showing you the good and the bad parts of me.

I also want you guys to keep me accountable. I want you to snap me, tweet me, and DM me when I’m being too lazy, not posting, or not being the positive person I know I am. I want us to have a relationship. I would like for us to talk more, to interact, and for you to join me on this new and exciting chapter of my life!

I’m totally ready for everything 2019 has to offer. Are you?

P.S this will probably be the last 2019 centered post I write this month, It’s time to move to a different topic, don’t you agree? If you have any suggestions, please leave them down below.


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