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My Travel Experience In Houston, TX

My Travel Experience In Houston, TX

Recently, I traveled to Houston, TX this past weekend to celebrate my dear friend’s 21st birthday party. I had a blast this weekend from walking around downtown Houston, going clubbing at the Address, and brunching at Etta’s. It was by far the best weekend I’ve had in a long time, aside from my own graduation weekend. I wanted to share with you all the great things we did in a quick short post from Friday to Saturday.

Let’s get started.


  • Crab Kingz - I would recommend anybody to try Crab Kingz once because it only takes once to get addicted to their food. The crabs were amazing, shrimp was juicy, and the potatoes were to die for. Their assortment of butter and menu selections will keep you coming back to try more dishes in a different spices.

  • Spaceland Skydive - Although we weren’t able to skydive due to the weather, it’s definitely a place that any thrill seeker should put on their to-do list. I will definitely be going back in March to skydive and try it out. It’s pretty expensive at $200.00 to dive but it’s a thing that you should at least try to do once in your life.


  • Feeding the Homeless - I had a great experience giving back to the community this past weekend. My friend Zariah ( birthday girl) decided to give back to the homeless community by providing meals for them. She and her mom made 40 plates of food for their local homeless community. They were able to make spaghetti and corn and green beans while their friends helped out by bringing cake and cornbread to hand out. It was surprising to see so many homeless people out on the streets. It really gave me perspective on how many people that are not as fortunate and who are really in need of help. I would definitely recommend anyone who would really like to help out people in need to consider donating clothes to their communities, providing food and essentials. It will definitely go a long way and there’s no better feeling than giving back.

  • The Address - I had the best time clubbing in downtown Houston. It was not only free for ladies all night but the music and drinks were too good. I had a great time dancing around to good music and loved the different assortment of drinks that were available. It definitely got packed around 12-1 but I would definitely suggest getting there around 10 to truly enjoy the atmosphere and music.

  • Stores ( High Fashion Homes & Shoe Expo) - One thing I love about Houston is downtown. I loved walking around downtown and seeing all the different stores in Houston. I stepped into a store named High Fashion and saw the most chic furniture store in my life. I would totally buy everything in the store if I could afford it. I would definitely check it out if you’re looking for some chic and modern furniture or just widow shopping. It’s a perfect place to take pictures in as well. I also loved Shoe Expo. it wasn’t located in downtown Houston but it was on the outskirts of houston. If you’re looking for some affordable and fashionable shoes. I would definitely stop by there.


  • Etta’s - Have you ever been to a lit brunch before? I haven’t until I went to Etta’s brunch. The food was unbelievably good and the music was jamming. it literally turned into day party and was so packed. If you’re in town on a Sunday and want some good food. Stop by Etta’s.

These were by far the most memorable places that I went to this past weekend. I had the best time and would definitely recommend anyone to at least travel to Houston once. You will definitely have a blast and won’t want to leave. I sure didn’t!

Also, Queen Bey was born here, it has to be the best city alive!


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