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My Apartment Hunting Experience in San Antonio, TX

My Apartment Hunting Experience in San Antonio, TX

Are you currently looking for an apartment?

Are you ready to start apartment hunting?

Like you, I was very unsure about searching for my future apartment. I was scared about the process to tell you the truth. I was scared that I wouldn’t find the right apartment with the budget that I set. I was also scared that I would be moving cities away from my family and friends but I was also excited for the adventure.

I can proudly say today that I’ve decided on an apartment. I’m currently in the application stage but I have high hopes that I’ll be approved and headed to the next stage(aka buying furniture). By the time you read this, you will know if I have been approved or not.

UPDATE: I have officially been approved for an apartment but not the one that I was referring to in this post. I was denied from the first apartment I wanted but I was able to find an apartment that gave me more space, was closer to my future office, and was way cheaper than the apartment I initially wanted. I am so happy and thankful that GOD guided me to the right place and can’t wait to decorate it.

I’m here to tell you that the apartment search isn’t as scary, confusing, stressful, or mind-boggling as it might seem. It's actually exciting and marks a new stage in your life. You are officially headed to REAL adulthood with REAL responsibilities. It’s important to know that you shouldn’t rush the process and it’s okay to take as much time as you need.

Unlike some of you, I have a time frame or in other words a deadline. I have to find an apartment, buy furniture, and move to a new city by June of this year. It’s exciting that I’ll be starting my summer in a new city and a new home but it’s also really stressful. I literally started apartment hunting in February. If you would like to see how my first apartment hunting search went then watch the video below.


It was cool to see all the different housing options San Antonio, TX offered but it was also hard to narrow my search. I had to figure out how far I wanted my commute to work to be, what location I wanted to be in, and how I wanted my apartment to look like. I often found that some apartments lacked in other areas that another apartment didn’t. I had to ask myself questions like “ Do I want a bigger bedroom or living room? “What floor do I want to be on?” and Do I really want a window in my Bedroom?”.

Don’t get me started on my apartment budget. I had to figure out if I wanted to pay more to get the apartment I really wanted or did I just want to settle for a cheaper and more affordable apartment. I can tell you that while you should budget and stick to it. I would advise you to not be too hard on yourself and too strict with your budget. If staying in a more safe and secure environment requires you to spend a little bit more than you were planning than why not? It’s better to come home to a place that makes you feel safe than having extra money lying around that you don’t know what to do with.

Here are some other things I would suggest you keep in mind

  • Write down the costs of potential apartment complexes with price, location, and commute. List them in order from the one you want the most to one you wouldn’t mind to live in.

  • Have day or two planned where you will dedicate time towards looking at the apartments you listed

  • Bring a list of valuable questions you would like to ask the leasing agent about such as additional bills, parking, amenities, etc.

  • Don’t apply to all the apartments you’ve visited and looked at unless there the ones you would like to reside in. ( I would say don’t apply to more than two)

  • It’s important that you look at your income and see if your income will be suitable for the apartments that you’re looking at ( this really should've been the first tip but there’s no real order to this list)  

  • Last thing, it’s important that before you start applying that you’ve set aside money or are currently saving for this big purchase ( keep in mind the application fee, administrative fee, security deposit, and rent) It’s important that you have money set aside so if there are additional fees to be paid you are able to pay them.

I hope that my experience and these tips will help you with your own apartment hunting journey. It’s time to start adulting! You excited?

P.S I will be uploading a part two for my apartment hunting series this week. I hope you subscribe so you won’t miss out when I tell you which apartment I decided to go with!



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