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Summer 2019 Bucketlist + Apartment Updates

Summer 2019 Bucketlist + Apartment Updates

It’s officially summer time!

Technically, I don’t have a summer anymore but I do have a week and half break before I start my full-time position in June. I’m totally looking forward to this break and being able to just live in the moment but I’m also super excited for this new position I’ll be starting.

It’s is literally going to be a summer full of firsts for me. I’ll be living in my first apartment that I’ll be responsible for financially. I’ll be working full-time in a position that I love and for a company that I heavily support. I’m just overall ecstatic to be starting summer off on a good note.

I’m excited for all the other things I’ll be getting into, such as going on my first work trip, exploring my new city, and just going on fun trips to visit my friends and family. I’m just ready for it to begin tbh.

I have made sure to write down all the things I would love to get into this summer down below that hopefully I’ll be able to take you along as well.

Here they are

  1. I want to go on two/three trips this summer - I don’t want to go anywhere big but go on a weekend trip to Austin or Houston or even take a flight to LA would be so awesome.

  2. I want to lose weight - I want to actively take time this summer to put my health and wellness first. I want to take an orange theory class or soul cycle class and incorporate healthy eating habits. I don’t want to necessarily focus too much on the weight but I do want to look and feel better honestly

  3. I want to put out more content - I do want to be more consistent this summer and try new things out. I want to be more transparent and make more fun/ interesting type of content.

  4. I want to create a routine - Although, I want to have as much fun as I can and be spontaneous. I also want to create a routine that will keep me feeling balanced and fulfilled.

  5. I want to meet new people - I want to make it priority to put myself out there when it comes to meeting new people in my area. I don’t want to be hermit crab lol.

  6. I want to get to know my city - I want to make sure that either every weekend or every other weekend I’m making it a priority to get out of the house and explore what San Antonio has to offer.

  7. I want to make more fun memories - I literally want to document this summer and have a lot of fun memories to look back on

  8. Last thing, I want to decorate my apartment from bottom to the top - I know I won’t be done decorating my apartment by the end of summer but I do want it to come together more and look presentable. I also want it to look reflect Malik and I’s taste as a couple since it will be our first home together.

I can’t wait to film more content in my apartment and to just start living life on my own terms. I can’t wait to look back at this post and to be able to feel the excitement throughout this post. I also wanted to share some quick apartment updates with you. I will be moving tomorrow around 10am-12pm. I will be vlogging the entire experience and uploading the content next week. If you would like to see my moving experience or an empty apartment tour, please subscribe to my channel. I have provided the link down below. I will also be writing about my experience and showing you pictures of my apartment as well on here. So, make sure to subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss out.




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