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How to Prepare for Your First Work Trip + Carry-on Packing Tips

How to Prepare for Your First Work Trip + Carry-on Packing Tips


That’s what I’ve been doing since May 24th.

I’ve paid my first rent, first energy bill, and renters insurance bill. I’m literally in the thick of it. It’s been a surreal feeling living on my own, paying for myself, and making my own decisions. It’s been a lot easier knowing that I have my boyfriend with me along this ride. He has literally been a major support, and has literally been an angel.

But now, that I’ve updated you on my adulting journey, it’s time to talk about the biggest part about adulting, which is working a 9-5, in my case a 8-5. I started working on June 5 and I can tell you that I have so much more respect for my elders because the 8-5 work life can be exhausting but it does come with its perk such as work trips. I’ll be traveling to Charlotte the week of the 17th. I am truly pumped to be going on my first work trip.

We are mostly spending the bulk of the time in Charlotte, NC training, but I’m excited for the free time that we will have in between training and networking events. i’m excited to try out some new spots, meet new people, and get to know the company I am working for a little more.

Overall, I’m ecstatic. One thing, I’m not entirely ecstatic for is packing and picking out my outfits. Mostly, because I never know what to wear, how many clothes to pack, and how to pack properly so that everything fits into my carry-on.

Well, this is where this post will come in handy for anybody who is like me who doesn’t necessarily know where to start when packing for their first work trip.

Here are the tips I’ve come up with that have helped me to prepare

  1. PLAN AHEAD - The weekend before my work trip, I’ll be heading to Dallas to celebrate Father’s Day with my family and hang out with my friend Keziah. So, knowing that I’ll be out of town and busy for the majority of the weekend. I decided to do my nails before I left, plan my outfits, and drop off some clothes I would like to wear at the dry cleaners. This is going to help me a ton because I won’t be scrambling when I get back from Dallas to pick out clothes, pack, and get enough sleep before my 6:30am flight on Monday.

  2. LOOK AT THE SCHEDULE AND PLAN OUTFITS ACCORDINGLY - For my work trip, i was given a schedule of the events and trainings I will be doing throughout my week there. I decided to sit down and plan out outfits that would fit the weather and the event that I’ll be attending. Some events will be more formal than others and some will allow you to be more relaxed and comfortable. Since, I’ll only be there for four days, i plan out five to six outfits that I can bring that will fit with the weather and event that I’ll be attending. Since most of the events don’t give us time to go back to our hotel to change, it’s important to bring things that could be dressed up or dressed down.

  3. CLEAN - I am a total neat freak, which means that I will not leave my home looking a mess. So, before I left for Dallas, I cleaned my bathroom, kitchen, living room, and did my laundry. I also tidied up my bedroom and picked up some stuff that were on the floor. I definitely don’t want to come back from a work trip and have to clean my whole home and do my work trip laundry as well. I just want to come back, relax, and do some laundry from the trip.

  4. ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT THE WORK TRIP AND WHAT IS REQUIRED - It’s important that you look over the travel accommodations, hotel accommodations, and schedule to see if there is something that you are not clear of or don’t understand. If there is something that you are not clear of, or something that you haven’t done yet that is required. Make sure to reach out to your manager to ask for some help and guidance. It will also help to ask about the dress code for certain events and training. This will allow you to plan your outfits accordingly and help you prepare for anything that might pop up.

  5. SET ALARMS - Last thing, make sure that you know the time you need to be at the airport, have all your things packed and ready, set your alarms, and get enough rest. If you do that then your work trip will be smooth sailing.




  1. Roll your clothes - If you roll your clothes instead of stacking your clothes up. You will save more room, which will allow you to bring more things that you might need to slay your trip.

  2. Minimalism is Key - Bring things that you can easily pair up with a lot of things instead of bringing multiple outfits for each day, I would suggest that you bring 1 or 2 more outfits in total, just in case. So, if you’re staying for four days, bring six clothing options. Also, bring your staple makeup products, hair care products, and hygiene products but do make sure that you look over the airline requirements for liquids.

  3. Have a Packing System - Make sure that you pack in a way that you can easily reach for the things that you need the most. You don’t want to have to unpack your whole carry-on each day because you put all your most used items on the bottom. Find a packing routine/ system that works for you.

  4. Keep it Clean - Make sure that when you get to the hotel you organize your clothes to make the packing up process easier for yourself.

These are the main tips that helped me prepare for my first big work-trip. i am so excited that I’ll be traveling to a city I’ve never visited and meeting my fellow co-workers from all over the United States. I am so thankful for this opportunity and can’t wait to vlog the entire experience for you.

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