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How To Take Advantage of Your OFF Days

How To Take Advantage of Your OFF Days

Happy Tuesday,

In two days, I’ll be saying Happy Fourth of July,

In other words, happy day off for all the corporate workers, federal workers, and any other workers that will be off on the fourth of July. I am so excited that this week will be a 4 day week and that I’ll have more time to spend blogging, filming, editing, and just exploring my new city. I have had the hardest time trying to balance my passions with my 9-5 life, which I discuss more in depth in this post.

Now, that I’m getting into a routine, I’ve decided that the best way to keep myself balanced during a holiday week is to use my OFF days as a work day for me. Instead of partying my day away, binge-watching my favorite shows for the majority of the day or just surfing the internet. I’ll be using my OFF day as another work day to focus on my Blog and Youtube channel.

I’m going to spend time researching new ways to edit my videos, how to drive traffic to my platforms, and ways I could build my following. I’m also going to write content and plan content for weeks to come.

bing-watching Netflix sounds nice right about now?

bing-watching Netflix sounds nice right about now?

Here are some ideas on what you can do to take advantage of your OFF Days

  • Build a website, Start A Blog, Film Your First Video, etc- Let’s say you’ve always wanted to build a website, start a blog, or create a youtube channel..Use your morning and afternoon hours to dedicate your time to that. Research blogging templates, classes, and skills you will need to have to bring about that new website or blog or youtube channel.

  • Finish that Project- Let’s say you’ve been working on something for a very long time and you haven’t had time to finish it. Why not finish it now?

  • Start Going to The Gym- There’s no better time to get active than the present, instead of laying on the couch all day. Put some gym clothes on and spend 30 minutes to an hour in the gym.

  • Incorporate Healthier Habits - Why not snack on fruits and veggies? If you’re struggling to eat healthy, start making better choices on your OFF day before you head back into the office. Go grocery shopping, make a meal plan, and cook in the house

  • Try New Things - If you’ve always wanted to do something like take a cooking class or learn a new skill. Make some time and do it!

  • CLEAN THAT HOUSE - Theres nothing worse than coming home to a dirty house or a pile of laundry. Spend some time doing a deep clean of your whole house from the bottom to the top on your day OFF.

It’s easy to say that this is the day, month, or year that I’m going to do this, start this, or make this but its necessary that you start putting a plan of action in place and take the proper actions to make it happen. I’m not saying that you can’t enjoy your time off but find balance in your OFF Days.

You have 24 hours in the day, what are you going to do with it?


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