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The Pros and Cons of Post Grad Life

The Pros and Cons of Post Grad Life

Two months.

That’s how long I’ve been post grad. It’s so crazy to think about how much my life has changed since obtaining my degree. I have moved cities, started my corporate career, and started paying bills. While I do love my post grad life, I can’t help but to miss the carefree life I had in college.

Yeah, I know I said carefree but by carefree I mean from paying bills, budgeting, and overall anything related to the financial aspect of being an adult ( thanks to mom, love ya mom) but i did stress about school assignments, projects, exams, and the list can go on.

Although, the financial aspect is one area a lot of college students ( including me) aren’t looking forward to after college.

There are so many amazing benefits of being an adult and venturing into adulthood.

Such as:

  • Being independent

  • being able to start building REAL wealth

  • having more time for your hobbies and passions

  • being able to figure out your next step

  • being able to spend more time with your friends and family

But we can’t forget about the cons of adulthood and the obstacles that might arise.

Such as:

  • paying bills

  • making big decisions that will affect your life for years to come

  • waking up early for your 9-5 M-F

  • Not having a vacation

  • being financially dependent on yourself for EVERYTHING

  • Job searching/hunting/ interviews

  • Feeling like time is slipping away

  • maintaining friendships will be hard

It might seem like a lot of cons compared to pros but post grad is what you make out of it. It can be stressful and exhausting but it can also be so much fun and an exciting chapter of your life.

This is the perfect time to dedicate your time and energy into figuring out what you want your legacy to be. What do you want to accomplish? Who do you want to be? and Where do you see yourself?

Take some time to figure these things out and remain positive throughout this journey because everything will come full-circle. It will be worthwhile to look back on this point of your life and feel like you can gave yourself and your life a shot.

So what are you going to tackle post grad?

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